1131 students aged 11 to 18 participated in byou survey

June 15th was the school year closing day and was also the day on which the bYou project team concluded the application of the questionnaire survey in 26 school groupings of the 23 NUTSI III in mainland Portugal. About 1342 children and young people between 11 and 18 years old showed intention to participate in the study and 1131 submitted their surveys. In total, 78 classes were involved – 26 from 6th grade, 26 from 9th grade and 26 from 12th grade.

The questionnaire aimed at collecting practices and perceptions regarding the media from children of three different age groups – 11/12, 14/15, 17/18 years old. Starting with a broad approach about their daily lives, to know what gives them satisfaction and enjoyment, what bothers and worries them, what makes them delirious and suffer, we then went on to a survey on how their daily lives are interwoven by the media, seeking to know their uses and practices based on the perspective of media ecology. 

For more information byou@ics.uminho.pt