A board game designed to learn about the Portuguese Constitution

In the aftermath of the Portuguese Legislative Elections and with the 25th of April celebrations approaching, the board game “Constitution” can be a fun and informative tool to discuss with children and young people about democracy, civil rights and freedom.

Designed for children over the age of eight, the game was conceived by Beira Serra Association (from Cova da Beira) and the publisher Triciclo. The idea for creating the game was to develop a playful and pedagogical tool to promote citizenship and participation among children and youth.

The idea was originally conceived by the Association and the publishing company however, the development of the game involved the participation of 190 children, who gave suggestions and opinions to reach the final version of the product.

It is a board game with features that involve moving forward and backward, as well as special squares. Depending on where the player stops, participants have to answer questions, do mime or even make coalitions. Points are counted with carnations(the symbol of the April 25, 1974 Revolution, also known as The Carnation Revolution): whoever gets the most wins.

Constitution – The game can be purchased for 18 euros on the Portuguese Parliament’s website. The project was created within the scope of the Civitas Project. Funding is from the Active Citizens Fund, through the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Bissaya Barreto Foundation. The project also included scientific consultancy from the Higher Education School of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, and monitoring by the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic.

The game can be purchased online on the Portuguese Parliament website (https://livraria.parlamento.pt/products/jogo-da-constituicao).

[Image by Associação Beira Serra ]

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