Apps for good times between kids and parents

In general, children seem to be endowed with a seemingly infinite energy and a curiosity that sometimes seems to want to absorb the world in an instant.

Naturally, parents want to give them the wings they need to experience good experiences to the maximum and feed their thirst for experimenting, feeling and knowing.

During the school term, there is sometimes too much stimulation with lessons, homework, extra-curricular activities (e.g. sport, music, English, etc.) and not enough time to enjoy the family.

Thus, family summer holidays provide the opportunity to promote bonding between family members and create memories to last a lifetime.

However, it is not always easy to know what to do with the time available, for example, when waiting between lunch and dips in the water, or on summer evenings when it may be late for the younger ones to go outside to play, but early for them to be sleepy and go to bed.

On these occasions, the Pumpkin website can be an ally when it suggests what it considers to be the best apps for children to “promote the development of kids and to spend good moments with the family”. This platform, which presents itself as aimed at making life easier for families in Portugal, advocates balance when it comes to digital technologies, which should only be used in times of compass so as not to get the youngest addicted. Besides, he points out that the age division that they propose for these apps is only indicative and should be reassessed by those who know children best – their parents. Most of the suggestions are free, although parents should check the specifications of each application.

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