Cellphones in schools: yes or no?

Cellphones in schools: yes or no? This was the theme on which psychologist Eduardo Sá reflected this Thursday in the podcast “Why yes is not an answer” on Rádio Observador. According to the psychologist, children under the age of 12 should not systematically use their cellphones in the classroom and at playground. Eduardo Sá gives as an example the countless episodes reported by students who use their cellphones as a means of distraction when the teacher is explaining or when they feel bored in the classroom. The psychologist says that, although this digital media is useful for parents to communicate with their children when they are at school, parents cannot control the search they do, the video games they play or the inappropriate content they may be exposed to. Besides, regarding children under 12, socialization is essential and preferable to being “bent over” the cellphone within the school environment.

This information is available at the following link: https://observador.pt/programas/porque-sim-nao-e-resposta/telemoveis-nas-escolas-sim-ou-nao/

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