PhD student in Communication Sciences at UMinho

Joana Fillol is a PhD student in Communication Sciences, under a grant from the Foundation for Science and Technology, at the Communication and Society Research Centre at the University of Minho, where she has researched issues related to children, young people, news and media literacy. In this area, she is a permanent collaborator of MILObs – Observatory on Media, Information and Literacy – and coauthor of the program Critical Ear, on Antena 1. With a degree in Journalism from the University of Coimbra, she worked for several years in the written press, participated in two books on two symbols of the city of Porto (the Metro and RTP) and, in 2015, founded a news site for children and young people, Jornalíssimo, which had a weekly item on Jornal 2 on public television.


PhD student in Communication Sciences at UMinho

Graduated in Pedagogy, Teaching of Pedagogical Subjects of the Secondary School and Pre-School Education at the Federal University of Santa Maria, completed in 2004 and master’s degree in Education at the Federal University of Santa Maria (2005-2007). She worked as a teacher and Pedagogical Coordinator at the Núcleo de Educação Infantil Ipê Amarelo/Center of Education/UFSM from 2007 to 2008. She also worked as a substitute teacher for the Teaching Methodology Department at the CE/UFSM in 2005/2007. She worked as an Early Childhood Education teacher for the City Hall of Parnamirim/RN at the Romana Santiago Childhood Center, and is currently a teacher at the Center for Early Childhood Education NEI/UFRN. She coordinated the extension project “Práticas cineclubistas na escola da infância”, funded by PROEX/UFRN, in the period from 2017 to 2020. She is currently doing her PhD in Communication Sciences at the University of Minho/Braga/Portugal developing the research entitled ” Training cinema audiences in childhood: a study of the role of film clubs in Portugal and Brazil”, under the guidance of Sara Pereira/UMinho/PT and co-supervision of Monica Fantin/UFSC/Brazil. She has experience in Education, with emphasis in Kindergarten and Elementary School, developing research and extension projects in the area of media-education with emphasis on the relationship between childhood, cinema and education.


Master’s student in Digital Design at IPCA

Graduated in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication at the Universidade Lusófona do Porto, she is currently a master’s student in Digital Design at the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave. As part of her master’s she is developing the project entitled “bYou: Design of a participatory platform for young people between 11 and 18 years old”, which aims to study the development of a participatory platform for young people and provide a digital tool that allows and stimulates communication and free expression, and educates young people in terms of media literacy, in a multidisciplinary way. Professionally she works as a Designer and Digital Communicator, focusing on the creation of Digital Products and User Experiences.


Master’s student in Digital Design at IPCA

She has a degree in Graphic Design from Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, in 2020, and is currently a master’s student in Digital Design at the same institution. Her master’s dissertation has the theme “Strategies and Tools of Interactive and Participatory Design: a study of websites for young people” and is integrated in the research project “bYou – Study of the experiences and expressions of children and young people about the media”. Her dissertation research aims to find out which components and characteristics of interface and interaction design young people identify with most in order to make their experience easier, more efficient, attractive and, consequently, encourage their involvement and participation in the discussion about their practices, media influence and experiences in the media environment.



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