“Express Yourself” campaign seeks to promote the participation of children and young people

“Shout out, speak out, do something, express yourself!” is the motto of the “Express yourself” campaign launched under the bYou project. The initiative aims to promote the participation and expression of children and young people up to 18 years old, give them a voice, listen to them about the presence and importance of the media in their lives and about issues that concern and/or interest them. Video, podcast, text, painting, dance, music, theatre, comics, meme, are some of the creative forms that can be used.
The productions, made in a school, classroom, library, club, ATL, dance, music or theatre school context, but also in a family context or in another context involving the younger public, will be published on the bYou expressions wall.
This mural, besides being a space for the disclosure of the productions sent, offers two other areas of expression: the area “What do you think about?“, which consists in answering challenges on daily life issues; and and the “Put yourself to the test!” area, which consists of quizzes on various subjects.
The “Express yourself” campaign and the bYou Mural are initiatives of the bYou project, funded by FCT.

For more information byou@ics.uminho.pt