Factxeker – a tool that debunks fake-news

Created by Bruno Fernandes, a guest professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Minho, the Factxeker app uses artificial intelligence to, based on a set of keywords provided by the user, obtain facts that help verify the truth or falsity of the statements that generate controversy on social networks. In this way, it is possible to be sure that what we are preparing to share is true or that a certain news item is nothing but a falsehood.
The application helps to do this verification whether the fact is in the field of politics, sports, technology or any other category, contributing to the good use of networks and improving the information that circulates on the Internet, allowing each user to act more responsibly.
Besides the active verification, in which the user writes the words or phrases they want verified, the app has a daily notification system, with alerts that bring the facts to the user.

The Factxeker app is still only available for Android phones and can be downloaded here.

“War TikTok Is A Mess,” Vox.

For more information byou@ics.uminho.pt