Journal of Children and Media

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The Journal of Children and Media is an interdisciplinary, multi-method peer-reviewed publication that provides a space for discussion for scholars and practitioners from around the world and across theoretical and empirical traditions who are involved in the study of media in the lives of children and adolescents. 

It is presented in three complementary domains:

      1. Children as media consumers
      2. Representations of children in the media
      3. Media organisations and productions for and by children.

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Crianças, jovens e media: perspetivas atuais

Revista Comunicação e Sociedade

Vol. 37 (2020)

Eds: Sara Pereira, Cristina Ponte & Nelly Elias

This issue of the Journal Comunicação e Sociedade welcomes proposals of articles resulting from scientific research dedicated to studies on children, youth and media.

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Adolescentes en serie. Jóvenes protagonistas en la ficción televisiva

Fonseca Journal of Communication

No. 21 (2020)

This issue of the Fonseca Journal of Communication presents “research possibilities offered by teen series (…).  The overview of teen series presented here introduces several considerations from different perspectives and approaches, (…) such a vast subject, (…) an exciting phenomenon that, we believe, still has a long way to go in academic terms”.

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Childhood is a leading international peer-reviewed journal and a forum for research related to children in global society that spans divisions across geographical regions, disciplines, and social and cultural contexts. It publishes theoretical and empirical articles, reviews and scholarly commentaries on children’s social relations and culture, with an emphasis on their rights and generational position in society.

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