Milene dos Santos Figueiredo defends thesis on film clubs and cinema education for children and young people

On February 26th took place Milene dos Santos Figueiredo’s doctoral exam in Communication Sciences. The thesis, part of the bYou project and supervised by Sara Pereira, is titled Film clubs and cinema education for children and young people: Portuguese and Brazilian itineraries.

The research identified cinema education itineraries of Portuguese and Brazilian film clubs. It begins by mapping the film clubs in both countries and then analyses four cases, two in each country (Associação AO NORTE, Cineclube de Viseu, Cineclube da Mostra and Cineclubinho Ó Lhó Lhó).

The mapping shows a Brazilian context with great diversity, but one that is somewhat diffuse. The Portuguese case, on the other hand, reveals greater articulation. The mediators’ and managers’ perceptions of cinema, film clubs and children’s cultures are decisive in the film education activities organised.

The thesis by Milene dos Santos Figueiredo incorporated the voices of children and young people, seeking to understand their relationship with cinema and the projects under study.

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