Release of new articles by the bYou project

The Annals of the VII Luso-Brazilian Seminar on Early Childhood Education and the III Luso-Afro-Brazilian Congress on Childhood and Education has been published and includes two new articles by the bYou project: “‘Grita, diz, faz, expressa-te!’ Uma campanha para promover a expressão de crianças e jovens sobre os media” (“Shout, say it, do it, express yourself!” A campaign to promote the expression of children and young people about the media) and “‘Participar é ter voz’: Conceções e tipos de participação de crianças e jovens portugueses de 11-13 anos” (“Participation means to have a voice”: Conceptions and types of participation of Portuguese children and young people aged 11-13 years old).

The first, written by Daniel Brandão and Sara Pereira, reports on the conception, implementation and analysis of the first set of results of the bYou online mural and the campaign “Expressa-te!” (Express yourself!). The latter was prepared by Sara Pereira, Daniel Brandão and Margarida Toscano and presents results from the project’s focus groups and addresses the following questions, What is participation for children? How do they define it? How does participation take place? What are the motivations and obstacles to participate?

You can access the full text here.

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