Young booktokers are creating a new generation of readers in TikTok

They are young, avid readers and booktokers. Sergio and Iris are part of a new generation of literary disseminators on tik tok who are creating a new generation of readers on TikTok. 

Sergio, who had no reading habits, started reading in 2021 because of TikTok, devouring many of the books recommended by content creators. And Iris, influenced by her mother, has been an avid reader since childhood. They both post videos on TikTok every week in which they give their opinion about the books they have just read and talk about the books they still want to read. Thanks to this social network, they are able to reach thousands of young people of similar age groups.  Sérgio, for example, has 40 thousand people watching and listening to him. For this reason, Portuguese publishers are betting on these young booktokers to reach younger age groups and boost book sales. Sérgio and Inês have been contacted by Portuguese publishers to establish partnerships, most of which involve the publisher sending them books and in exchange the booktoker includes these books in their videos. For Sérgio and Iris the most important thing is to encourage as many people as possible to develop a taste for reading.

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